The following is intended for satirical purposes: EBAY EXEC #1: We’ve alienated a lot of the mom and pops and they’ve been blogging and talking to neighbors, etc., making a lot of “noise” that hurts our reputation. We’ve got to CONVINCE the public that we’re a KINDER, GENTLER EBAY. You know, let’s put on a show of being concerned with the seller until this whole thing blows over.. EBAY EXEC #2: We can still keep right on eliminating the small sellers en masse with the Defect Rate though, right? EBAY EXEC #1: Oh absolutely. It’s rigged to do exactly that and it will keep on doing exactly that, just not quite as fast maybe, so it isn’t quite as obvious to anyone watching closely. Meanwhile, there’s 100 new sellers standing in line to get on eBay for every 10 we toss, so it’s a win-win for us anyway. The newbies have no clue what is going on to begin with.” EBAY EXEC #2; And all that the mainstream press pays any attention to is the fluff that we provide them, the prepared press releases,etc., EBAY EXEC #1 “Perception is EVERYTHING. So we just create the perception of a KINDER, GENTLER EBAY…and that’s what the naive masses and the mainstream press will swallow.”