QUOTE FOR THE DAY: “What many small sellers are experiencing is known as “Mirroring.” eBay notices your IP address and shows you your items as posted-up, but in reality they are not posted. They show them to you simply to make it look like your auctions or fixed prices items are visible. This has been tested by sellers all over the globe and shown the be the truth. Also, items may be visible, than taken down and quite often visible only to specific areas. You may have noticed sales coming in from 3 states in the same region. Or at times only 1 to 2 states. Sad but true. eBay’s fraudulent and unfair user agreement states they are not required to post up ANY of your items. If eBay is a Casino? They should market themselves as such. Have you noticed that most of your sales have been from a small number of states. This happens when eBay centralizes your postings by region. They rotate them at random. So your items are not being offered nationwide, but to a select few states quite often. The problem is how many potential bids or sales are you losing with this practice? And why doesn’t eBay just inform sellers where their inventory is being offered? So that they can determine whether it is worth it to post? The other issue is how much revenue have you lost, but eBay being engaged in this fraud? In effect they have interfered with your business and your revenue. They are forcing you to sell your goods at a lower price without your knowledge.” (James Lancer)