WHY U.S. GOVERNMENT AGENCIES AREN’T GOING AFTER EBAY: POSTER #1: Setting aside Donahoe’s connections with the current Adminstration and the lobbying by eBay, what other explanations/factors play into the failure of govt agencies or elected officials to act against eBay?
POSTER #2: Out of sight, out of mind. It is online, not in the “real world”. It is not something that government officials as a whole “sees” daily. They see all sorts of other issues, but online issues tend to be like another world to many people. Age has some to do with it, but as the population grows old with the internet as part of their lives, issues online become more important, as they directly affect more people in power, as well as their friends, relatives, constituents, supporters, etc. POSTER #3: Simply stated, the feds are not interested in refereeing a falling out between a major domestic corporation and a bunch of used book (I include myself in that demographic) and cracked teacup peddlers. As I have often stated, if the feds ever investigate eBay as the first step in litigating them, it will be over accounting practices or SEC violations. The current administration is giving corporations and corporate contributors free lunch and wasting everyone’s time making federal cases over legal shootings of jig street thugs.. eBay and/or their officers will never stand before a judge as defendants short of the reckoning we will all receive at the Second Coming. Nothing.
I realize that is not what people want to hear but it is the truth. In that sellers will receive no satisfaction through process of law, they should attempt to have their grievances redressed by continuing to make noise on the Internet which has the potential of hitting the fvckers in the only place that hurts them. Their checking balance. Believe me, there is no white knight out there mounting his charger to come to anyone’s aid. And there you have from an old warrior who has dealt with the bastards most of his life. POSTER #4: I believe eBay needs whistleblowers to report what is kept under wrap. Mostly, as a private company, eBay makes users sign way most rights.
I do believe that there is a conflict between the notion the we do business with sellers, thereby setting our terms of business, and eBay allowing buyers to automatically click a return button that gives the seller a defect. We require a phone call or other direct communication so that we can issues a return authorization number. If merchandise is not as described, we require pictures of the item so we can examine them against the ones we have on file (this is particularly important since we consign and have a fiduciary responsibility to receive back merchandise that is not altered – considerable bait and switch problems, which are fraudulent). eBay’s return policy conflicts with ours. To what extent eBay members could come together as a class to deal with this issues, I don’t know. Mostly, eBay participants sign away most of their rights.
I don’t believe most elected officials know about eBay issues. It’s small potatoes, but affects smaller sellers.
Thomas Massies, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Goodlatte, are aware of Internet sales taxes and trying to achieve a fair remedy. The problem is that if we pay origin taxes (based on where business is located), we won’t be able to compete based on high shipping costs. Alibaba will be sweeping into US, taking good directly to consumers, having negotiated with the USPS he lowest shipping rates imaginable. Smaller businesses in the US endure the highest shipping rates imaginable.
The Title II issue is a nightmare. It’s being supported by the liberals who are being manipulated by Obama. This is one of three tiers to control and regulate the Internet. Sales taxes being the second and control over political content being the third. It would regulate the Internet just like the Russians do. The legislators, again the same, are aware of this and fighting it. It is the more conservative legislators that are seeking to protect free speech and protect the smaller businesses. The liberals, Rich, want everything tightly controlled and regulated by the government and support entitlements and socialism. That all works against free enterprise which has suffered a huge hit these last six years.
None of Donahue and Obama’s discussions have supported free enterprise. Donahue did what he could to increase earnings as much as possible (prior to returns) so we could walk away with $23 million. Donahue was in bed with Obama, meeting with him almost monthly. ebay are closet supporters of the Internet sales taxes. eBay has been quoting the the incorrect gross sales figure as $34 billion when it’s actually less than $2 billion by the time b2b is deducted. Bit difference – there’s nothing for the states to have. The $34 billion myth has rallied the governors around the Internet sales taxes.
I have noticed that ebay pulls money from people’s checking accounts rather than the selected credit card around earrings. Or before Donahue left. But again, would need an insider whistle blower.