MY LATEST BADGE OF HONOR (gee I’m losing count, LOL): We’re sorry, but you have been banned from using this site.
You have been banned for the following reason:
You have been banned from the eBay US Community for violating the rules and policies, with actions such as Enabling, encouraging, or instructing others to leave eBay so that they can sell, buy, or participate on sites other than eBay that includes the sale of merchandise, auction-style listings or services, such as off-eBay forums, off-eBay groups, and other sites. Your ban is for 3 days, effective 01/06/2015. Your PM: “Facebook is NOW the place to sell. Groups are forming. Look up your category and give it a try. I sold several items yesterday as fast as I posted. Buyers were very nice and they paid fair prices (none beat me up over the price). I posted make offer. Some groups require a price so I put price & make offer.” Please refer to the Discussion Boards Usage Policy and the Community Content Policy to review the rules and policies of the community. Additionally, please adhere to these rules and policies in the future. Creating multiple accounts for use on eBay’s boards for the purpose of disruption or to avoid detection may result in permanent sanction or suspension of all associated registrations If you feel your ban was in error, contact