DID YOU KNOW EBAY CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS ARE TRAINED TO CALL 911 WHEN STRESSED-OUT SELLERS THREATEN SUICIDE? Or state they are having a heart attack? We verified these fact in a recorded call to eBay. The customer service rep and I were discussing the acclaimed documentary “The Bridge”, about the massive amount of suicides that have occured at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA and customer service rep informed us that they were each trained in how to handle desperate sellers who were a.) Threatening to take their own lives due to the stress of eBay‘s policies and the threat to their sellersaccount ir b.) Having or being on the verge of a heart-attack due to eBaysuspending their sellers accounts , including wrongfully so. “The Bridge” docmentary filmmakers fixed their cameras on the Golden Gate bridge and documented many suicides and interviewed the friends & families of those who took their own lives by jumping. Shown below is the final jumper shown in the documentary: “Gene Sprague.” You guessed it, he was an eBayseller who’s auctions had passed. The job he was supposed to have gotten did not happen, and he had desperately tried to raise rent & food money via his eBay sellers account. When his auctions passed, he took his own life. The fact that eBay does not even care if sellers KILL themselves over being stolen from and their small to mid-size businesses destroyed, or their auctions and fixed price postings past ( due to being hidden or their search standings lowered ) shows how absolutely diabolical and ruthless eBay has become.