‪#‎boycottebay‬ @ebay.com BOYCOTT EBAY: Ebay has become very hostile to the mom and pop sellers. I am a disabled lady and they notified me that I would no longer be able to sell because I had to many “defects.” Which is a system were buyers are led by e-bay to mark their transactions so they are labeled as defects. As a result small mom and pop sellers are being restricted. Restricted meaning they can never sell on E-Bay again.
I was shut down and told I could never sell on E-Bay again. E-bay is trying to get rid of the mom and pop sellers for the big box stores and the sellers from China. I am an elderly lady who tried very hard to make my customers happy. I had 2880 positive feedback, 2 neutral feedbacks,and 0 negative feedback I also had 8 E-Bay instigated defects on 880 transactions. I can never sell on E-Bay again. Doesn’t sound right because it isn’t right.
I don’t know how I’ll pay my bills now. It’s hard to make extra money when you are elderly, disabled and can’t walk.
Toys R Us has 65,000 feedback with 842 neutral feedback, and 1,200 negative feedback. There is no way I can find the number of defects they have. I’m sure I would be amazed at the sheer number. They are still selling.
I would like for everyone to boycott buying anything from the big box stores that are selling on E-Bay. Also boycott buying anything from China. I wish you would continue to buy from the little people who made E-Bay what they are today. Boycott everyone else. Behind every post you make please put #boycottEbay @ebay.com They are going down all by themselves. Let’s just help them along… by NANCY WILLIAMS, member of Facebook group Former Ebay Sellers, https://www.facebook.com/groups/formerebaysellers/