1) Single biggest issue is the Defect Rate and DSR system (Detailed Seller Ratings). Buyers can leave unfair and unwarranted, inaccurate ratings for a seller and it is virtually impossible to get it changed, even after hours of fruitless, futile calls to so-called eBay Customer Service (which is largely outsourced people who speak English as a second language, read from a script, and have no real authority to change anything). Just 1 or 2 low DSR ratings left by a buyer will derail a seller’s career on eBay abruptly, leading to immediate sanctions including limitations of the number of items that can be listed and sold, 21-day holds slapped by ebay on a seller’s PayPal funds, and often outright suspension from selling (which is permanent and not reversible). 2) Single biggest issue with eBay support for buyers is that it is skewed ENTIRELY towards buyers. Buyers can lie about a transaction (and often do) and eBay sides with them, refunding their payment (out of the seller’s PayPal and/or bank account of course) and often allowing the buyer to still keep the item. So the sellers often end up without the item or their money. Also, a seller cannot leave negative feedback for a buyer, only positive, no matter how the transaction went down. But a buyer can leave negative feedback for a seller even if inaccurate or outright lies. 3) Would would make sellers happy? An end to the Defect Rate and the DSR (Detailed Seller Rating) system, an end to unfair, unwarranted limitations on the ability to list items, an end to “throttling” (the algorithmic process by which eBay limits the visibility of a small seller’s items in order to favor competing big box retailers who are selling similar items), an end to “scrubbing” by eBay for big box retailers (the process by which bad feedback and low DSRs get “removed” by eBay for the big box retailers- a process that’s been documented by screen shots (and a process that constitutes favoritism and COLLUSION), and end to eBay slapping illegal 21-day holds on sellers’ PayPal funds (most states will only legally allow a maximum length of 10-days on holds, yet eBay slaps 21-day holds).In the final analysis, sellers would like to see ebay restored to the way it was operated prior to John Donahoe becoming CEO in 2008 and systematically instituting these insane policies. 4) Personally, I will NEVER return to eBay as a seller, as I no longer trust them… 5) Posters both realize that complaints to eBay are futile and are largely ignored and also realize that their complaints may meet with limitations and suspensions from eBay (in other words they fear being further penalized for voicing their opinions to eBay). 6) The ONLY thing eBay is doing right is that they still somewhat “exist” as a platform or venue, in reality they continue because the politicians and government regulatory agencies have been turning their heads the other way at their malfeasance and blatantly anti-small seller policies and actions.