Researcher135’s Community Call Radio Show Interview with Jeffrey Wolf 3/14/15 at 7 CST

Join me, host Rich Vernadeau, as I talk with Jeffrey Wolf regarding the negative aspects of eBay and their anti-small seller policies. We’ll also be discussing the petition he recently started, which aims to bring media attention to the plight of the small sellers who have been unfairly purged. That’ll be this Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 7 P.M., C.S.T………8 P.M., E.S.T………..
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EPISODE5 – Researcher135’s Community Call
Time: 03/14/2015 08:00 PM EDT
Call ID: 137393


THE PLUNDER OF EBAY In typical Bain fashion, eBay has been plundered (note the $5 billion carefully transferred over to PayPal while saddling eBay itself with massive DEBT). The big boys have already left with their booty they plundered from eBay, so eBay itself will be allowed to flounder/go under and of course will itself be sold to the highest bidder. PayPal itself- the golden egg, the ultimate escape parachute- will excel and thrive (for a season at least) after its IPO…
This is exactly the way Bain did it with KB Toys.


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