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Boycott GIANT Food Stores Ebay Gift Card Program

As I would imagine everyone here knows by now, I have been making some noise about the lack of member participation (as far as I can see) when it comes to taking part in anti-eBay activities. One member, who has now chosen to leave the group, suggested that instead of ‘berating’ others, perhaps I could show them how they could go about helping the cause of bringing eBay into the spotlight of justice. While I intend doing just that during my show with host Rich Vernadeau this Saturday evening, I will also take the time to give everyone a prime opportunity right now. Earlier today, while looking over a sale flyer from a local grocery store, I spotted a store promotion for eBay gift cards. That is key, folks. Anytime you see anything promoting eBay, there is where you need to speak up in support of your group and your cause. And that is exactly what I have done this evening. I have now sent an email to the grocery stores corporate headquarters regarding their support of a corporation responsible for the loss of jobs, businesses, homes, marriages and lives. I have requested that they discontinue the promotion, and also that they cease selling ebay gift cards to the unsuspecting public. Its as easy as that. I am going to put the email that I sent to them in this post. I would like everyone to copy and paste it into the form located here… All you need to do is to fill in the form and put your own name at the bottom of the email I have already typed out for you. Will taking a grocery store to task over a gift card promotion make a difference? Probably not. I just consider it a good example of the type of things to watch for that you can do to at least try to make a difference. Here is the email for you to copy into the form.
I am contacting you out of my concern regarding a BonusCard offer in the Giant circular this week. It offers 4X gas points if you purchase eBay gift cards. I would like to question your support of an international corporation that has been responsible for the loss of tens of thousands of jobs, businesses, homes, marriages, and yes, even lives, caused by the draconian and potentially illegal policy changes made within the company since approximately 2008, under then C.E.O. John Donahoe. eBay executives have chosen to trample upon the livelihoods of the small mom and pop sellers who have made them a household name in favor of the big box retailers and Chinese sellers, simply because of the potential for increased profits that business with the small sellers would possibly not provide. At the same time, buyer fraud is permitted to run rampant on the ecommerce giants site. When a buyer files a complaint, ebay forces the seller to refund the buyers money while the buyer is permitted to retain the purchased item, and government and law enforcement officials look the other way. I belong to a Facebook group of over 2300 members, located, and we are dedicated to seeing eBay executives face justice for what they have done to the world of ecommerce. We respectfully request that you discontinue the current promotion, and then consider the cessation of providing eBay gift cards to the unsuspecting public as this is a company that is suspected to have played a very large part in the downfall spirals of both the American and the international economies. Thank you for your consideration and attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you regarding this,………Jeffrey Wolf
Please stand up and be counted.


The following is intended for satirical purposes: EBAY EXEC #1: We’ve alienated a lot of the mom and pops and they’ve been blogging and talking to neighbors, etc., making a lot of “noise” that hurts our reputation. We’ve got to CONVINCE the public that we’re a KINDER, GENTLER EBAY. You know, let’s put on a show of being concerned with the seller until this whole thing blows over.. EBAY EXEC #2: We can still keep right on eliminating the small sellers en masse with the Defect Rate though, right? EBAY EXEC #1: Oh absolutely. It’s rigged to do exactly that and it will keep on doing exactly that, just not quite as fast maybe, so it isn’t quite as obvious to anyone watching closely. Meanwhile, there’s 100 new sellers standing in line to get on eBay for every 10 we toss, so it’s a win-win for us anyway. The newbies have no clue what is going on to begin with.” EBAY EXEC #2; And all that the mainstream press pays any attention to is the fluff that we provide them, the prepared press releases,etc., EBAY EXEC #1 “Perception is EVERYTHING. So we just create the perception of a KINDER, GENTLER EBAY…and that’s what the naive masses and the mainstream press will swallow.”

How Former Ebay CEO John Donahoe is Remembered

JOHN DONAHOE, EBAY CEO 2008-2015: “To tens of thousands of unfairly suspended small sellers, Donahoe came to represent everything bad, villainous, and wrong with eBay since his Draconian anti-small seller policies resulted in the destruction of eBay as a viable platform for small sellers. A massive social media backlash arose, resulting in anti-ebay groups, talk radio shows, petitions, and an eBook NOISE: The Decline and Fall of Ebay.” (Rich Vernadeau)


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