CRAZY INSANE RADIO The Series by Rich Vernadeau

CRAZY INSANE RADIO The Series is on ongoing series created, written, directed and produced by Rich Vernadeau (pseudonym of JEFFREY RICHARD VARNADO) which combines elements of drama, satire, and science fiction in an episodic soap-opera-like series presented using fragmented narrative. The action and plot lines take place primarily in the city of Mergatroid (and Flat Town to a lesser degree) in current present time, although a number of episodes involve other cities (e.g. London, England and Paris, France) and other time periods past and future. There are a number of principle characters and various minor characters as well. Currently (as of July 2016) in its SEASON SIX and just completing its 160th episode, it will soon be entering SEASON SEVEN.13428385_1098970336842587_6892220054356052978_n

Throttling: What It Means to Ebay Sellers

…THROTTLING AND WHAT IT MEANS TO EBAY SELLERS – When eBay randomly lowers the search standings of sellers items, or hides them completely, they do this due to supply and demand. With the World economy in the state it has been in since the financial decline of 2007, there are too many sellers and not enough buyers. So the corrupt Ivy League brains at eBay came up with a strategy. Encourage sellers to post, while secretly lowering their search standings and hiding their listings. Just enough to bring in a montly amount of sales to make it appear worth while. Countless sellers have stated on various message boards that they noticed a “cap” in their monthly sales. That no matter how much effort and time they put into their postings, they could not surpass a certain amount of sales per month. This was and is eBay lowering search standings and/or hiding sellers listings at random, so new sellers can sell their goods. And/or so large sellers (including those from China) can sell theirs. This is also known as “Throttling” which is against FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Laws. ATT was just fined 100 million dollars last year for illegal throttling it’s customers. -It’s been proven and documented. As they say “Numbers don’t lie.” We documented our monthly sales via eBay’s Sellers Dashboard and then proceeded to ramp up our monthly postings into the thousands. It made no difference. eBay customer service whined on the phone and admitted our search standings were lowered or hidden (although we still had to pay fees), that “other sellers had to have a chance to sell their items too.” Our main issue is we were presented with a fraudulent Selling Limit of 30K per month. We were capped at 3K to 4K each month. No matter what we did. How much we invested. Evidently ( by countless accounts, including internally at eBay), the eBay “Bots” the automated, metric-centric virus eBay created and introduced into their system(s) randomly targets small to mid-size sellers. This is so the executives can deny culpability. January 16 at 1:17pm They can deny it because the “Bots” are doing the damage, not management. Lol. They point the fingers at what they unleashed. Blatant fraud as all of this was reported to eBay and they did nothing. I think it is very difficult for Sellers to wrap their minds around all of this. And they tend to project their morals and ethics on to strangers. They can’t imagine executives actually being engaged in this kind of criminal activity. This is also why the Banks and Wall St. were bailed out by the American people, and why they continue to asset strip the U.S. on Wall St. and in Washington D.C. This IS an all-out war on the middle and lower classes.” (FORMER EBAY INSIDER, confidential informant)