THE PLUNDER OF EBAY In typical Bain fashion, eBay has been plundered (note the $5 billion carefully transferred over to PayPal while saddling eBay itself with massive DEBT). The big boys have already left with their booty they plundered from eBay, so eBay itself will be allowed to flounder/go under and of course will itself be sold to the highest bidder. PayPal itself- the golden egg, the ultimate escape parachute- will excel and thrive (for a season at least) after its IPO…
This is exactly the way Bain did it with KB Toys.

The Systematic Abuse from eBay – Quotable Quotes from Unhappy eBay Consumers

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“EBay’s new seller standard, defect rating policy is 100% illegal. Any low volume seller (less than 400 sales a month) will have their account be “judged” by their selling practices for the previous 12 months. During this 12 month period, the seller was following different rules, guidelines and standards and selling according to those OLD or previous rules. It’s that simple. For eBay to rate sellers on new standards for a time period when they were following old standards is ILLEGAL. Why are they allowed to get away with this?” – Troy of Dunedin, FL
“When I started with eBay, my hair was brown black, now my hair is black and most of them grey till white.” – Wil of Hong Kong
 “eBay and their customer support continues to treat sellers like criminals. The system is open for exploitation and abuse by both buyers and malicious sellers/competitors that want to sabotage your…

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How Sharp Buyers Bypass Ebay Entirely

I wonder how many people simply use eBay to find what ever they want and then go to the seller direct. Without the fees on the item and the postage it has to be cheaper to buy direct, certainly everything I sell is on my web site cheaper than it would be if I sold it on ebay. I’ve not bought anything on there for months and months but have used it to find items and the sellers contact details are easy to find. Then if I need a similar item there’s not even the need to look on ebay, Google or anywhere else, if the seller has a website then I just look there or simply contact them and ask. (Kev Bacon on a social media FB group)

Former Ebay Insider Speaks on Ebay Collusion, Favoritism, Item Visibility Fraud

COLLUSION – The term for what eBay is also engaged in illegally by showing favoritism to large retailers by deleting ( scrubbing ) their negative feedbacks and removing low DSR scores – in order to increase their search standings over small to mid-size sellers who may be competitors. EBAY ITEM VISIBILITY FRAUD: “The Known seller limit on the number of listings will always show you have listed those items on eBay as you post them. And go down. The problem is eBay does not always post all of your items on their website so the items remain invisible. You think you are posting them on to the eBay website, but you aren’t. You can only see them because eBay recognizes your IP Address and makes it appear as if your items are listed. But they remain hidden from view by consumers nationally and internationally. This is why your number of views are so low. This is why your items often pass. This is why you often have only 1 winning bidder. You are paying for service not being provided. This is criminal. eBay’s user agreement is fraudulent. It is written to confuse you and steal fees from you…” (FORMER EBAY INSIDER) WHY THE FOCUS MUST BE ON EBAY’S EGREGIOUS ACTIVITIES: “Ina Steiner and her associates at are champions and have amassed enough documentation and witnesses for us to see John Donahoe handcuffed and prosecuted. IF sellers stop complaining about small matters (that are legal and policy issues) vs. focusing on the actual CRIMINAL ACTIVITY eBay is engaged in. eBay will change policy once the criminal activity is exposed in the media and in court. The problem is many sellers are whining about eBay policy changes that ARE legal and not enough about the criminal matters. This is why every single message board, forum and even Ina’s blog have not yet lead to an investigation and prosecution of eBay. Lack of focus. Ina has been trying to show the sellers the truth but is drowned out with small matters that have no meaning compared to the serious issues she has uncovered.” (FORMER EBAY INSIDER)


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