The Horrors of Dealing with eBay from the Buyers Point of View


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Well, I did it. I finally closed my account with eBay. Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t sold there for years. Today, I closed the account to all buying activity, too.

Let me go back. I joined eBay in 2005. I didn’t begin selling on eBay until 2008, I believe it was, after I bought four bowls made by Spode in the Indian Tree pattern for $5.00 at a yard sale. One was an oval vegetable bowl with darkened markings as if it had been burnt in the middle and three desert dishes, one of which had a crack that couldn’t be seen or felt but that I could hear when I set the bowl down. Even with the markings and the crack (all very well described in the listings with numerous pictures), the bowls sold for over $100 and that got me hooked.

I had a blast selling things and had quite a…

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Suspended by Ebay? Share Experiences for New Books Coming Out

1510467_645130638893228_1985272257_nSUSPENDED BY EBAY OR HAD BAD EXPERIENCES WITH EBAY? We are in the process of assembling/compiling what people are saying nationwide about their experiences at eBay. Two books are being created to be released in the near future both as online ebooks and possibly in print media as well. THE EBAY PAPERS Death and Destruction of an American Economic Juggernaut. The working title for the other book is”What You Don’t Know About Ebay Will Hurt You” exposing malfeasance and the abuse of sellers by the world’s second largest online electronic selling platform. The author of the two books, Rich Vernadeau, is himself a former ebay seller and the founder of two Facebook groups (Former Ebay Sellers and Former Ebay Sellers 2 Open Forum). All submissions from former and current ebay sellers, users in their own words. Stories may also be submitted to (and will be used from) the OPEN FB group Former Ebay Sellers 2 Open Forum. You may submit your stories/experiences here on this blog, and also at: You may also post submissions to

Ebay’s Egregious Actions: The Need for Investigation

A bullet list of some of what is wrong at ebay: ILLEGAL for a corporation to allow a glitch or malfunction (the automatic five-star on shipping DSR for instance) that adversely impacts a user (many of those “purged” were only out of compliance by 1 star) to continue for an extended period of time without fixing it (ebay did and has admitted this, see Ebay Drags Heels In Fixing Automatic Five-Star DSRs article by Ina Steiner). This is a BREACH of the user agrrement that ebay has with the users affected by this. PAYPAL HOLDS; many (if not most) states do not allow a hold on funds of more than 10 days. Ebay has often slapped 21-day holds on sellers’ PayPal funds. A Florida man contacted the banking regulators in his state, they contacted Paypal and got his funds released. Although PayPal is not a bank, it is a money transfer entity and as such falls under the banking regulators of each state. UNLEVEL PLAYING FIELD: As has been pointed out by many people in many threads, DSRs disproportionately impact and are used against small sellers while big box retailers such as TRUS remain essentially untouched. That’s also ILLEGAL. Ebay granted itself permission to hide sellers’ listings from site visibility in the October 26, 2013 User Agreement update. This is a violation of the seller’s REASONABLE EXPECTATION because people place items on ebay with the belief that they will be made visible or be seen in order to sell them, it is aso a form of TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE. A good sharp legal mind needs to look at what’s going on at ebay (including the user agreement). Attorney general’s offices in each state are very good at that sort of thing. I am not an attorney, but like many on here I am sharp enough to know when there are some things amiss.


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